Cults Cult

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I posted about my new favorite band-of-the-moment, Cults?

Well, I love them.

I got so excited when I found out that they were playing at the Vogue here in Indy, opening for Foster the People. Unfortunately, my dreams were quickly shattered when I learned that the concert was sold out. And I didn’t get a ticket.


One day, feeling sorry for myself, I pulled up YouTube to watch a couple of their videos for comfort. Well, one click led to another, and somehow, I ended up at some site I’d never seen before, announcing that Cults was coming to Indy a day early for an intimate, in-store performance at Indy CD and Vinyl, (a local record shop). And it was free.


Quickly, I emailed my girlfriends and we made plans to go to the show a couple of days later. Loren left work early to stake us good spots in the front — after all, the show was free, and the store is small — and the rest of us met her there once we left the office.

They played four or five songs, chatted a little bit, and we were so close, I could have touched the band if I would have been a creepster. Afterward, like a groupie, I had the whole band autograph their album for me.

What a nice surprise! I love when things work out like that.

You can see pictures of Cults at Indy CD and Vinyl courtesy of Greg The Mayor‘s Flickr. You might even find me in a few of the pics!

I’ll give you a clue. I’m the one who doesn’t have long, black hair.

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