Ashley and Kurt and Connie and a Hay Bear

Over the weekend, I travelled up to Alpena, Michigan to attend the wedding of some friends of mine, Ashley and Kurt. Though the drive was long, we kept it interesting, and the wedding was definitely worth the trip.

Ashley and Kurt
The bride and me!
Always a good time when Lymari's around!
Jamz on jamz on jamz with DJ BQwyatt... and Lymari
Lymari and Vanessa
Me and Lori, my fave
Amy and Phyllis
Lori and Julie, one of the best couples around
I, of course, was cracking up the table (and myself) all night long with my hilarious jokes.
Lymari got to take over DJ duties for literally 20 seconds during the reception...
...unfortunately, all the attention went straight to her head.
Me and B
On the way home, we stopped for the most incredible breakfast ever at Connie's Cafe.
I miss this plate so much!
We saw some guy who looks like B with a blue cow. (Joking!)
And B and I took a detour at the beach to stick our toes in Lake Huron!

Best of all? I got my picture taken with the Hay Bear.


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