Indianapolis man gets crash course in world of fashion

It’s a Jackie O kind of day. I’m wearing this lacy blouse with 3/4 length sleeves, big, white and gold teardrop-shaped earrings and pouffy hair. If I weren’t sitting in an office, I’d probably be wearing oversized sunglasses, too.

(It's the shirt version of this dress from H&M)

Unfortunately, there are a couple of drawbacks to said Jackie O shirt.

Namely, there are 250 buttons, (give or take a few), and they all run up the back of the shirt, making it impossible for one person to put it on by herself.

I didn’t realize this, of course, when I bought the shirt. But I also didn’t try it on, so that could have been part of the issue.

So, this morning, after grunting and attempting to bend my arms in unnatural ways, I called B.

“Hello?” he answered in a sleepy voice.

“Hi! Did I wake you up?” I chimed.

“Kind of.”

“Well, I’m wondering if I can come over real quick. I need help with a couple of buttons.”


“Buttons? On my shirt? I can’t reach.”


Unfortunately, inserting teeny pearl buttons into teeny fabric loops 250-ish times over is tricky for anyone, but especially a fumbly-fingered boy who just woke up.

After some cursing and complaining, though, the task was accomplished. And I look adorable!

Silly B. Didn’t anyone ever tell him that, sometimes, beauty is pain?

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