…but I still like you a latte!

It’s Sunday, and I’m treating ‘Independent Jillian’ to a lovely afternoon in the city. I’m currently set up with my laptop, a cappuccino and a slice of banana bread on the patio outside of Starbucks on Mass Ave. The breeze is divine, and the people watching is even better.

A particularly attractive young man, wearing a brown jacket and thick-rimmed glasses, sat down a couple tables away from me shortly after I found my seat. A few minutes later, another attractive gentleman, tall with a polo shirt and blond hair swooped across his forehead, joined him. They both got up, went inside to get coffees, and came back to the patio. Upon their return, they found that another couple had taken their original table, so they settled into the table closest to me.

At the time, I was just opening WordPress to catch up on a couple blog posts. Once that was done, I opened iTunes and selected an album to listen to. I had just put the earbud in my left ear as Swoopy Blond started: “So, I’ve had a change of heart about where this relationship is going.”

[Record scraaaaaaaaatch!]

Say what?

Nonchalantly, I pulled the earbud back out.

“Are you serious?” Glasses asked, clearly shocked.

I shouldn’t listen to this. It’s terrible.

Then, Glasses burst into tears.

Well, if I’m going to listen, I need to at least pretend like I’m not listening.

I paused the music, but put one earbud back in my ear.

They talked for a minute — well, mostly Swoopy Blond did the talking. Then, they sat in awkward silence.

“So, are you working this week?” Swoopy asked Glasses.

Oh no he is not trying to have a normal conversation right now!

No response.

After what felt like 10 awkward minutes, to the relief of everyone on the patio (I imagine), Glasses got up, slamming his chair against the railing, threw his cup on the ground, and announced that he was leaving.

Swoopy stood up and tried to initiate a hug, but Glasses wasn’t having it. In a huff, he threw his satchel over his shoulder and marched off. Now, Swoopy is sitting at the table all alone, finishing his drink.

To be honest, it was quite a sad scene. I mean, Glasses didn’t even see it coming!

Though, I’m feeling less sad now that this bratty blonde girl is screaming at her mother about what kind of drink she wants. That’s not the kind of people watching I’m interested in. Not at all.

Rest in peace, Swoopy + Glasses. Rest in peace.

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