I’ve tested several titles, using words like “Bang!” and “Explode!” but no matter which one I choose, my aunt will find a way to turn it into something perverse. So, I quit.

On Sunday, I witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime event: I watched a building implode!

The Keystone Towers were these two huge apartment buildings that had been constructed in the 70’s; however, over the last few decades, they had become abandoned and eventually overrun by squatters and drug dealers. (Just like a movie!) 

They were a big eyesore in the city, and quite frankly, they were scary looking! They were near enough to my apartment that I drove by them a couple times a week, and each time I did, I cringed a little. Especially at night.


Also, does it look like there is a ghost in the top, center window in the above picture? Anywayyyy…

So, on Sunday morning, B and I met up and drove as close as we could to the buildings. Once we hit (not literally) the police blockade, we parked and walked a little closer.

People made a big event out of this implosion! There were entire families, people camped out in chairs, folks eating breakfast — quite the big deal.

Like most things of this nature, (New Year’s Eve, for example), it was slightly anti-climactic. There were warning sirens, followed by a countdown, and then after a whole bunch of loud, quick explosions, the buildings collapsed into a cloud of dust. I think the whole thing took 14 seconds or something.

Still, I’m glad I witnessed it. I’ve never seen a building implode before! Might never see it again.

I mean, normally I go birding on Sunday morning, so this is a real change!

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