Ride an m-effin’ bike, please.

Happy July 5th! Hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend. I know I did!

I spent the weekend in Winona Lake, IN. I visited my cousin and some friends, watched fireworks over Winona Lake, went on a boat, rode on a 4-wheeler for the first time, ate wayyy too much food and solidified my love for a local fast food joint there called Penguin Point. An overall great time!

So, I’ve failed to mention that I recently got a bike. That’s right, people. A bicycle! Seeing as I haven’t ridden a bike since approximately 7th grade, I’ve had to retrain myself a little. But it hasn’t been that difficult, cause like they say: remembering how to ride a bike is just like… riding a bike. Hmm.

I went to a bike shop on Saturday to have a hand brake installed – since there were no brakes at all, this was a crucial errand. Once the brake was on, I rode that baby around town like nobody’s business. And, I managed to stay upright the whole time, except for a brief 30 seconds in which I lost my balance and ended up riding through some lady’s front yard while she was sitting on her porch. She didn’t seem to mind that much. She just laughed a lot.

Besides that, there was only one little hiccup with the bike. You see, Winona is a very small, conservative little town. And I bought my bike from a guy who is obviously not from Winona. How do I know this? Cause there is a big sticker across it that says, “Motherf*cker”. Yep, it only took me one spin around town to remember that I had failed to remove said sticker before leaving Indy. Nothing a little duct tape couldn’t fix, though.

Guess I’d better get on that…

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