And this is why I never tell anyone anything. Well, except on this blog.

This Wednesday was like any typical Wednesday at work — meaning I had just gotten back from a “meeting” over margaritas at a Mexican restaurant — when I received this meeting invite in my email inbox:

Intern Talent Showcase

When: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 4:00 PM-4:30 PM. (UTC-05:00) Indiana (East)

Where: courtyard 


Willy, the new marketing/mobile intern has some unexpectedly awesome talents. 

He will be demonstrating at 4:00PM in the parking lot by the courtyard.  

Please show your support with your attendance. 


Is this serious? I asked my coworkers. No one knew for sure, but at 4:00 sharp, the whole Marketing department followed James down to the courtyard like little lemmings. We gathered around, and James explained, “Today, in his second day on the job, Willy made the mistake of mentioning that he had a special talent. And that all of the props he needed were in his car. Here. In the parking lot. Thus, this meeting. And now, I present to you, Willy!”

Is this seriously my job?

(PS. This is the first time I’m ever revealing where I work. This is a big, big deal, people, as I’ve tried to keep this a secret for a long time. So don’t tell anyone!)

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