Left Behind

It was a typical Saturday at my parents’ house.

My sister, Janel, had been at work all day. My sister, Lauren, was home most of the day, but left for the evening when her fiancé, Dan, came to pick her up. Likewise, my parents went out to dinner with their friends that night. Afterward, they returned home, parked their car in the garage, and walked down the street to their friends’ house to continue the evening.

Janel, having finally left work for the day, drove home and pulled into the driveway. She parked behind Lauren’s car, then opened the garage and passed my parents’ cars on her way in the house.

“I’m home!” she called, walking in the door.

No response.

“Hello?” she said, walking further into the house.

Still nothing.

She checked the counter for a note or some hint as to where everyone might be, but she found nothing. She walked around the house, first throughout the downstairs, then the upstairs. No one was home. Where did everyone go?

Then: PANIC!

“Hello? ANYONE?!” Janel shouted frantically. “Anyone?! OH NO!”

Quickly, she scrambled to the phone and dialed my mom’s cell number.

“Hello?” my mom answered.

“Mom!” Janel said. “Where are you?!”

“We’re just down the street!”

“And where’s Lauren?”

“With Dan,” my mom answered. “Why? Is everything ok?”

“Phew!” Janel breathed a sigh of relief. “Yeah. I just didn’t know where you were! I thought – Well, I thought I was left behind.”

“Left behind?” my mom asked.

“Yeah!” Janel explained. “It’s May 21 – Judgement Day!”

Poor thing…

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