I’m not sure whether to be excited or terrified

Tomorrow is the most talked about day of the year at my company.

That’s right. In honor of #1. Memorial Day weekend and #2. the Indy 500, it’s the annual Soap Box Derby!

A few weeks ago, the entire company, all 600+ employees, was divided into 20-something different teams. Since then, each team has been meeting throughout the weeks, planning, shopping for and building their derby cars.

Each team gets $50 to spend on materials for their car. Each team member must wear a costume. (Why do I always work at companies in which I’m required to wear costumes, by the way? Remember Shrek, Charlie’s Angels and the witch?) The teams must have a name, a song and a theme around which the car and costumes are based. (My team theme is OH SO lame, btw, but we’ll discuss that later.)

The teams meet on Friday morning to construct their cars and do a couple test runs before the race. There are prizes for the fastest car and the team with the best costumes. (Not my team, for sure!) Plus, there are other fun events, like a parade of all the daycare kids and various food-eating contests.

As we speak, people are converting two campus parking lots into a race track. Many, many kegs have been ordered. Seems like every office I’ve been in today has been a-buzz with derby anticipation.

And let me tell you, folks. If you think that people like to drink at this company, ala the Christmas party, the holiday brunch, St. Patrick’s Day/70 Degree Day, heck, every single Friday, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. People get crazzzzy on derby day. Crazy!

So, think of me tomorrow, at roughly 8:00 am, when I’ll be arriving on campus in a costume, constructing my soap box car with my team. I’m hoping to have many, many stories and photos to share later.

This should be good, people!

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