I guess it’s the beginning of the end.

[At work yesterday.]

Me (checking my email): Gasp. “My friend’s pregnant!”

Male Coworker: “Wow! Is that a good thing?”

Me: “Yeah, she’s really happy about it.”

Coworker: “Well, that’s good at least. I would be scared sh*tless.”

Me: “Yeah. A lot of my friends are having kids now. I’m getting old!”

Coworker: “Yeah.”

What? ‘Yeah’? That’s it?

Coworker: “I’d like to say I feel old, but then that would mean you’re really old.”

Me: “Yeah, don’t. How old are you?”

Coworker: “23.”

Me: “GEEZ! I’ll be 27 next month.”

Coworker: “Damn. Yeah, that’s old. Well, better get back to work!”

What the…??

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