Whyyy does this always happen to me?

My new office is on the top floor of a building known around our campus as the Penthouse. It was constructed in the 1800s, and it’s a cool old building with big windows and a lot of character.

Most importantly, the bathrooms in our office are very fancy! Because of the big windows, one can see a beautiful view of the Indianapolis skyline from the toilet. The only awkward part is that they don’t allow for much privacy. Thankfully, though, we’re on the top floor, so no one is able to see in from outside.

Yesterday, I was working away, minding my own business, and trying to stay awake by chugging approximately 16 mugs of coffee. All that coffee caught up with me after a while, though, so I left my desk for a short bathroom break.

There I was, in the bathroom, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I heard a banging noise. I glanced over to my right, out the window, to see what was going on. To my horror, I realized I was looking directly at another person. A man.

Turns out Thursday was window washing day.

I gasped. “What do I do?” I thought, in a panic. I really had to pee. “Should I stop peeing and run out of the bathroom? He’s probably already seen me. Maybe I should just finish?”

I tried to casually reach for the wand on the window blinds to shut them. No luck. Too far away.

Finally, after what felt like 10 awkward, violating minutes, I finished peeing, slowwwly turned to the side of the toilet, tried to shield myself behind a brick partition, and quickly pulled up my jeans. “Nothing to see here!”

I couldn’t help but think of this instance from a couple years ago.


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