Free birth control!

The other day, I ran to Target to get one or two things. Of course, I ended up with an entire basket of things that I didn’t need, along with the couple of things I had originally gone there for.

I took my items out of the basket and placed them on the conveyor belt. As I did, a young woman with a baby got in line behind me and started unloading the contents of her cart, too.

I walked up to the cash register, and the attendant started ringing up my things. A dress, lip gloss, a packet of false eyelashes, a bag of M&M’s (I’m on a diet), some travel-size bottles of product, etc.

The woman behind me sighed. “That’s what my trip to Target used to look like,” she said, pointing at my things. “Now look at what I came for!”

I looked at her items. Baby toys, baby food, baby shoes, diapers. I could tell that, despite her smile, she was sad. I smiled back at her, complimented her on how cute her child was, and finished checking out.

“Reality check at Register 1!”

One thought on “Free birth control!

  1. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t trade you or your sisters for all the dresses, lip gloss of false eyelashes in the world………….M&M’s???

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