Day 1: I feel like I’m in an episode of Mad Men

So, I started my new job yesterday! I am officially the newest member of my company’s marketing team.

My new office is in the building they call the “Penthouse”, where all the top dogs sit. It is so much nicer than the other buildings I’ve sat in, (yes, this is the fourth building I’ve been in now!), with high ceilings, music playing, and desk chairs that are barely falling apart. After getting my new desk organized, I headed into a conference room for my first team meeting.

It was there that I realized: I’m the only girl on my team.

Yes, there are other girls in the department, but the team in which I work is comprised of four men. And me. I walked into the conference room, and my boss introduced me to my teammates. One of them, the one sitting next to me, kept staring at my shirt. He wouldn’t look away. Awkward….?

After the meeting and a little bit of training, the director invited my team and me out to lunch to celebrate my first day. There at the lunch table with four men, I tried to make small talk. No go.

Eventually, I just ended up nodding at sports terminology, throwing in a vocab word here and there, and laughing where I thought it seemed appropriate. We talked about a girl one of them met at a bar this weekend, we talked about the Pacers, we debated which would be more challenging: drinking one gallon of milk in one hour or eating 30 White Castle hamburgers in one sitting.

This may take some getting used to.

All-in-all, though, it was a good day. My office is great, I get to listen to my iPod all day long, the guys are nice enough, and best of all, I can see the Indianapolis skyline and Lucas Oil Stadium from my desk.

Cheers to a new beginning!

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