“That’s good!”

As I mentioned before, I spent some time in Knoxville a couple weekends ago with my bffs Jenny, Jenea and Addie.

I met Jenea in Ohio, and we carpooled down to TN together. Unfortunately, we had wayyy too much coffee along the way. Eight stops later, we made it to Knoxville.

Once in TN, we spent some time shopping. A little for Grady:

And a little for ourselves. Even Jen found something she wanted: a girls bathing suit from a children’s clothing store.

“Jen, you can’t wear things from Children’s Place,” Jenea advised her. “That’s where I draw the line!”

After shopping, we headed to dinner. Grady’s baby charm got us a table right away. He also got us a lot of attention. Who knew people loved babies so much?

Addie spent some good time snuggling with Grady at the table, but once our food arrived, she got a little nervous. “I think we might need to put him back,” she said, holding Grady out to Jenea. The hand-off was a little rough, but they made it through!

“Is this ok?” Jenea asked, once Addie handed the baby to her. “I feel bad holding him and drinking!”

We spent Saturday doing some more shopping and a little wine tasting.

“Dandridge: The oldest town in Tennessee!”

“Tinsley Drugs: The oldest drug store in Tennessee!”

On our way to the outlet mall, via windy mountain roads that made me car sick, we came across this mecca: Hillside Winery.

We took a tour and learned about muscadine, “The wine of the South!” and Sangiovese, which the tour guide pronounced as “The San-GEE-oh-vay-say.” Then, in the tasting room, our best friend Shane, from Florida, indulged us with wine and cheese… and his charming smile :)

Two hours later, we made it to the outlets. We did some shopping, then headed back towards home to grab some dinner.

Addie: “Those fritters are so good. How they are free, I don’t know!”

Sadly, Sunday, we all had to return home to our normal lives. I can’t wait til we go back again!

(Who knew that Grady had such great taste in music already? I certainly didn’t have anything to do with him carrying this brochure around all day…!)

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