If I may reminisce a little…

Sunday was the last Colts game I’ll go to this season. And boy, was it a good game to be at!

The Colts played the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the game had division title and playoff consequences. Seriously, though I’m sure you don’t care, I can’t tell you what an exciting game it was!

I sat at the end of our group of seats, and the woman next to me could not have been happier to be there. “It’s my first game!” she told me shortly after I sat down. “And it’s my birthday!”

Though she was about 25 years older than me and from some smalllll town in Indiana I’ve never heard of, we quickly became buds. At first, I was a little weirded out when she blew a kiss to Manning as he ran onto the field, but I softened a little when, after Collie scored the first touchdown, she and I high-fived. When he scored again, she and I jumped up and down.When Collie was knocked out, we both had tears in our eyes. And, I’m pretty sure when Hagler ran the squib kick in for a touchdown, she hugged me. We screamed until we were hoarse, we cheered with our hands in the air. There may have been spirit fingers at one point.

It was a game full of highs and lows, and in the end, we left happy. I was so glad I got to be there. I already can’t WAIT til I can go back next season!

(Yes, I do hope that Coleman reads this post and is impressed with my incredible football knowledge. As usual.)

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