26 going on 75?

On Wednesday, like every other Wednesday, I went to the school down the street to meet up with my lunch buddies, Haley and Tabetha. They met me in front of the cafeteria, and lunch trays in hand, we headed to our “lunch buddy” room.

When we got there, the second grade kids from the previous lunch period were just packing up their things to head back to their classrooms. One cute little boy, standing in the doorway, made eye contact with me as I approached. I smiled at him and said hello.

His eyes got wide, and quick as a flash, he turned and ran to his lunch buddy, yelling, “Ohhh nooo! Not the old lady again!”

The kids started laughing.

Defeated, I went to the art cubby, grabbed a handful of crayons and some construction paper, and started making a Christmas card.

For myself.

Had I been clever, I would have opted to reach for the Elmer’s and chant something about me being rubber and him being glue, but of course I didn’t think of that at the time.

I hate elementary school.


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