Finally, we danced the night away to country and songs about Tennessee (which I LOVED!)

Bridesmaids... Unite!
(Jenny + baby, Jenea, Christy, Moi, Michelle, Christie, Rachel, Addie and Molly)
We laughed
We cried
One of us enjoyed the open bar
We LOVED the photo booth
Molly & Christie gave a speech which ended in, "You guys, don't we look just like those girls in the movie 'My Best Friend's Wedding'? Have you seen it?"
Our husbands brought the flasks they spent the whole day shopping for
Nick and Michelle sang "Sweet Caroline"
And then we danced the night away!
(did I mention the open bar?)
Addie performed her favorite dance to her favorite song, 'The Dougie'
And finally, the night ended with the song we were all waiting for (seriously), Celine Dion's 'I Drove All Night'

And if you STILL can’t get enough, (which I’m sure is the case for most of you), click here!

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