Jillian and Batman on public television. Check your local listings.

This weekend, I received a voicemail from a girl named Krista who works for the Denver Dumb Friends League, where we adopted Batman. She wanted to follow up with us and see how we have been since Batman came home with us.

She also wanted Batman and me to participate in a fundraiser they’re having.

A telethon.

On tv.

Turns out they are asking a select group of pet owners to share their adoption story during the event. They wanted to come to our house and film Batman’s happy new life with us! They remembered us and especially wanted us to participate because we are first time pet owners.

We! Are! FAMOUS!

(And when I say ‘we’, I mean Batman and me. She didn’t mention anything about Coleman!)

Or, we would be famous if we still lived in Denver.


Maybe I’ll create some sort of photo montage of me and the cat. In the background, you’ll hear me reciting a poem I’ll write about how Batman changed my life. It will bring you to tears.

Yes, I’ll definitely ask Krista if she can use that.

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