And then, just two months later, they were gone.

Joel and Marlin closed on their house Friday. By the time the night came to an end, their new place had been cleaned and most of their things from the storage unit and our house had been moved in. To be honest, it was weird leaving them that night.

I can get ready for bed in the bathroom alone now? Why isn’t anyone crowding in here with me?

Here are some recaps of our fabulous two months together. Pretend it’s a montage. Set to “I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLaughlin.

Welcome to our home!
Joel + Batman = Best Friends
Reggie + Batman = Best Friends, Too. I think.
They loved to play on the landing! (Actually, it was really annoying. I’m glad that’s done for now.)
Ahh, yes. The night that Coleman, Joel and I sang Lion King’s “The Circle of Life”, while Coleman pretended that the cat was Simba.

Yes, I realize that most of these pictures have my cat in them. Lay off.

A sneak peek into Joel and Marlin’s room
Yeah, that’s a poster of Joel’s former band, Neena. He is so self-centered.
They came back on Sunday to get the rest of their food from the pantry. Which was really sad for me, because they had a lot of cookies and macaroni.
And then they were gone!

I really do miss them. I mean, I’ve seen them two out of the three days that they’ve been gone, so it’s not like I never see them, but it was fun living together. My camera is still broken, and I took all of these on my cell phone this weekend so I would have something to post today. Boo.

Maybe I’ll call Marlin to see if I can sleep at their house tonight.

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