Can this be true?

Customer: Hello?

Coworker: Hi. My name is Bill. Is Jim available?

Customer: No, he’s not here right now. Why are you calling?

Coworker: When I came into the office this morning, there was a voicemail from Jim requesting a call back. I’m just returning his call.

Customer: He called you, eh? What time did he leave the message?

Coworker: Around 2:00 am. Middle of the night.

Customer: Oh, I see. Well, let me tell you, Bill. Jim shot himself in the head.

Coworker: What?!

Customer: Yep, shot himself in the head a few years ago —

Coworker: [Sigh of relief]

Customer: — and he’s not right. He stays up all night and calls 800 numbers he sees on television. I’d tell you, if he calls you again, just ignore it and delete the message. He’s just not right.


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