Just call me Tigger Woods. It is “Tigger”, right?

In what felt like a flashback to high school summers, Coleman and I went putt-putting on Saturday night. And I was SO amazing.

So good, in fact, that I totally blew him out of the water — the water that powered the windmill on hole 5, of course! On the second hole, he only got a 1, but I hit the ball 8 times! Impressive, right?

What? Ohhhh no…

On a separate note, I spent two hours on Sunday weeding the yard. I now have countless mosquito bites all over my legs and arms, and four bites on my butt. I sprayed my entire body — including my booty — three times with bug spray! Apparently, “Off with Aloe” does NOT work effectively against mosquitoes.

Like my mom always said, “If they want to get in your pants, they’ll find a way to get there.” Wait… was she talking about mosquitoes?

Random, I know. It’s Monday.

PS. My mom never said that thing about pants. I just thought it sounded good.

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