Ok, so maybe we’re not that close yet.

I’ve been trying really hard to get to know people at work. We spend most of the week together, so we might as well get along, right? Plus, I need some friends in this new town.

The other day, I had been having a fun conversation with a girl in the office. She was telling me all about this stripper pole fitness class and was showing me all of the moves she learned, (as much as she could without a pole, anyway). So, when she told me that she really liked the shirt I was wearing, especially how it tied in a big bow in the back, I did not think it would be an over-share to say:

“Yeah, I like this shirt, too. The only problem is remembering to move the bow when I go to the bathroom. I’ve accidentally peed on it before!”

Apparently, she did not want to know that, judging by the puzzled look she gave me before she walked away.

I like to think she just didn’t hear me.

One thought on “Ok, so maybe we’re not that close yet.

  1. Dude. You were right. If she can talk about stripperobics, you can talk about peeing on your clothes.

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