Last week, a man named Jonas bought me a birthday cake.

“IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” I screamed when I opened my eyes last Friday morning.

I hopped out of bed, put on my birthday dress (it has a lot of ruffles) and went to work. I set my stuff down at my desk, thanking a couple of my coworkers for remembering my birthday (as if I would let them forget!) and went to another building to meet Jonas.

The day before, Jonas had emailed me requesting that I come to his office Friday morning to go over his analysis of some of my customer service calls. This is something the Quality Assurance team at my company does every two weeks (or as Creed would call it, “Quabbity Ass-your-ance”). You know it’s coming. But it always makes you nervous. I responded to Jonas’ email and said, “I’ll come, but you have to promise not to make me cry, because tomorrow’s my birthday.”

So, imagine my SHEER AND UTTER DELIGHT! when I walked into Jonas’ office to find a chair covered in balloons and birthday streamers and this on his desk:

After he had ripped me a new one with his analysis of my phone calls, I took the cake and all of the streamers back to my office and promptly decorated my own cubicle for myself. (How else would everyone in the office remember it was my birthday?) I also handcrafted a beautiful Post-it note, which read “Please help yourself to some of JILLIAN’S BIRTHDAY cake.”

When I got home, Coleman told me we had dinner reservations and said I should get ready to go. He bought me a dress to wear! So, I changed into it, and we headed downtown for some delish pasta and tiramisu.

After dinner, I came back home and opened all of the birthday presents my friends and family had sent me.

Shortly thereafter, Coleman fell asleep on the couch. I laid in bed watching tv, determined to stay awake for the remainder of my birthday (it only comes once a year, after all!) and at precisely 12:01 am, I fell asleep.

Best day :)

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