Now, I don’t mean to be a nagging wife…

…but sometimes, I see things and wonder what Coleman was thinking. Take this morning, for example.

One of us created a rule a while ago that whoever is the last person out of bed in the morning is responsible for making the bed. One of us made this rule because she was tired of the bedroom looking messy. Also, because she was afraid that bugs would have more places to hide in the bed if it was not made.

Moving on.

Today, after Coleman had left for work, I walked into our bedroom and noticed that he had made the bed. So wonderful! Except for the arrangement of the decorative pillows. There were eight pillows on the floor, but he only chose to put four on the bed. And to arrange them like this:


Not a big deal. Not good or bad. Just different.

Oh how I love being married!

One thought on “Now, I don’t mean to be a nagging wife…

  1. marcus alert!

    We usually make the bed together for clean sheet night, just because it’s easier to have some help. I am not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination, but he gently drapes the sheets on the bed, while my side is taut and wrinkle free. His side is all blousey. I do not like blousey sheets on clean sheet night!!

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