Can you please mute that?

Yesterday, at work, I answered a customer service call from a member named “Mary.” She requested a list of three or four electricians she could call for a renovation project.

Mary was difficult to talk with. She kept interrupting me, she kept telling me to slow down no matter how slowly I talked, and she wouldn’t listen when I tried to answer the millions of questions she shot at me.

“What’s that company’s name?” she whined to me.

“‘XYZ Company’,” I answered.

“Slow down, now. Say it again?”

“X…………….Y…………….Z……………..Com…..pan….y,” I repeated.

“And what’s their phone number?”

“1…800…555– do you have that so far?” I asked.


“Ok, 1….8–“

“No, wait a minute. I can’t write right now.”

“Ok?” (Why couldn’t she write when she had just recorded info for two other companies one minute ago?)

“Hang on,” she said.

Then I heard something. Running water? Garden hose? Shower?

“Should I continue the phone number now?” I asked a few seconds later.

“Not yet,” she replied. “I’m peeing.”

“WHAT????” I thought. I sat there, in silence, listening to her urinate for about 25,000 minutes. Maybe fewer. It was hard to judge the time. At one point, I caught myself holding my breath, as if I was in the bathroom next to her or something.

I kind of was.


2 thoughts on “Can you please mute that?

  1. Isn’t customer service the greatest?!
    That is pretty much every day for me…sometimes it’s absolutely hilarious, other times, it’s maddening. Sounds like you’re doing great. :)

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