Not to keep talking about work, but…

…I spent the day answering customer service calls again. I’m OVER customer service calls. I don’t like service. And I DON’T like customers. Here’s a call I had today:

Jillian: Thanks for calling [Company Name]. This is Jillian. How may I help you?

Customer: I can’t log into the Web site.

J: Ok, I can help you with that. What email address are you using?

C: Um, the email address you have on file.

J: All right… Let’s just verify that it’s the same one. Is it ‘’?

C: [Sigh] Yes.

J: Oooooook. And is your password ‘blah’?

C: I don’t want to tell you.

J: Well, I can see that it’s set as ‘blah’, so just try that one, and you can change it when you log in on your own.

C: Fine.

J: Great! So, go ahead and log in.

C: Where?

J: Are you on the Web site?

C: Uh, yeah.

J: Ok! Do you see where it says ‘Member Sign In’?

C: No.

J: In the top, right corner?

C: No.

J: Ok. Let’s try this. Close out of your browser, then re-open it, and go to the Web site.

C: Ok. I did.

J: Do you see it now?

C: No.

J: Do you see anywhere where you can sign in?

C: There is a box that says ‘sign in’.

J: …ok. So, go there, then enter your email address and your password.

C: It’s still not working! This is ridiculous. This has been such a waste of my time. I can’t believe how user unfriendly this Web site is!

J: I apologize, but I can definitely help you get signed in. Let’s start from the beginning. Go to ‘www.[companyname].com.’

C: [Silent]

J: Are you there?

C: You said [Companyname].com?

J: Yes, our Web site.

C: Ok, I think I figured it out.

J: You did? Are you sure?

C: Yes.

J: What was going on?

C: I was at the wrong Web site.

Kill me now.

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