When I’ve got money to spend, where’s the first place I go?

I got a job! I had interviewed with a company a few weeks ago for a position they anticipated coming up sometime in mid- to late-June. Yesterday morning, I was surprised when I received a call from the manager asking me if I’d like the position!

Upon receiving the offer letter in my inbox, it occurred to me: I can spend money again! I mean, I don’t want to go crazy spending money, but I haven’t bought anything besides groceries for myself since we moved here. So, where did I go?

The thrift store!

I found two great things.

1. A bust of Beethoven. I saw it and was instantly reminded of the clock that the Low’s made and the horse that Promise made.


2. A lamp!

So cute, right?


It’s a good thing I start work on Friday. Otherwise, I’d be tempted to spend every day thrift shopping!

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