Well, that was a great conversation! Maybe. Wait, what?

Jane: I didn’t really talk to him. Until the one day I saved his life.

Jillian: You saved his life?

Jane: Yes. A gang was going to kill him!

Jillian: Kill him! Why?

Jane: Drugs, of course.

Jillian: Oh. Of course.

Jane: So Nick distracted the gang from him as he ran to my house. He knew my house rules: “I’ll feed ya, I’ll clothe ya, I’ll clean ya, but ya can’t bring drugs into my house!” I got him straight and saved his life.

Jillian: Wow, Jane. That was really nice of you, after all he put you through.

Jane: Well, it was the least I could do. After all, he is my son-in-law!

Jillian: Wait, he’s your son-in-law?

Jane: What? No.

Jillian: Ok…

Jane: So, I called up the gang — I have their number — and I said, “What were you doing at Jeff and Nick’s house?” and they said “Nothin’, dude,” and I said, “Yeah, right, man. I said what were you doing at their house?” and finally they admitted that they were trying to kill him because he owed them drug money.

Jillian: Wow. So, wait. How did you call the gang?

Jane: Well, I had connections. After all, they do know my step daughter!

Jillian: Your step daughter associates with gang members?

Jane: No, no. I just know them.

Jillian: Ok…?

Jane: And, speaking of, did I ever tell you about the time that I shot a rabid possum in this alley? Right about where you’re standing.

Jillian: What?!


I have no idea what we’re talking about!

3 thoughts on “Well, that was a great conversation! Maybe. Wait, what?

  1. Does she just lie all of the time? Do you really love talking with her so you having to blog about? :)

  2. You’re right, Emily. I do love talking with her so I having to blog about. And yes, I do think she may exaggerate just a litttttle bit from time to time. :)

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