I’m not sure that anyone has ever said that sentence before.

Jane [10 minutes into the conversation she was having with herself while I nodded and smiled from my front porch pretending like I was listening]: “…That place was filthy. Smoke! Alcohol! Trash! Dog excrement! Vomit! Everywhere!”

Jillian: “Ohhh… Uh huh.”

Jane: “I started to go in, and Cliff was like, ‘Jane, you don’t want to go in there. It’s disgusting’ and I said, ‘Oh I can handle it.’ Well, I walked in the door and that place smelled so putrid, I vomited in my hand. Cliff had to run out and grab a towel from his car.”

Jillian: “Oh my!”

Jane: “And you know it was bad if it made a mortician’s ex-wife vomit.”

Jillian: “Mmm hmm. Wait. What?”

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