Oh, hospitality. How I missed thee.

The other day, one of us accidentally got her shirt caught on a piece of the kitchen countertop, ripping it off. Nothing a little super glue can’t fix! Right?

So, today, I went to the grocery store to pick up some glue, along with the rest of the week’s groceries. When I had loaded up my cart, I headed to the checkout aisle with the shortest line, which was difficult to choose, since there were only two lanes open and like ten people ready to check out.


Laverne scanned my groceries and shoved them into brown paper bags while I slid my credit card and signed the receipt. I started to put the grocery bags in my cart when I heard the woman behind me.

“Um, Laverne, is it? This isn’t mine,” she said, waving around a tube of super glue that had been left behind on the conveyor belt.

“Oh! That’s mine,” I said. “Let me pay for that.” I reached for my wallet.

The woman behind me handed the glue to Laverne.

“Thanks,” I said to her, sincerely. “I wouldn’t want to forget that!”

“Oh, I wasn’t trying to be nice,” she replied with sass. “I just didn’t want to get stuck paying for it.”

I laughed.

She didn’t.



2 thoughts on “Oh, hospitality. How I missed thee.

  1. wait. did you rip off a piece of a piece of countertop?! or did your whole shirt rip off? what were you going to use glue for? like, the whole countertop, or a piece that was already sticking out?

    …and people think you’re a good writer…

    funny story though.

  2. Good point. Unfortunately for those around (aka. my cat) my shirt did not rip off, but a little piece of the counter did. Thus, the superglue. Sorry for being vague :)

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