I’m sorry. Unfortunately, I’m not looking for a third roommate at this time.

I’m back! Did you miss me?

I thought so.

So, another crucial step toward “McIntyre’s Move Midwest” is complete: We’ve found a place to live!

I headed to Indianapolis on Friday and spent a few days there with my parents and a few friends. Our mission: to find a house to rent.

The trip was, ohhhh, a little stressful for me. I was definitely feeling the time crunch and was not finding very many viable housing options. (My apologies to all who had to deal with me throwing temper tantrums like a five year old.)

Finally, though, I found the perfect place!

Contrary to what you might think, though, this post is not about the house we’ll be living in.

It’s about the house we will NOT be living in.


Even if I was offered a MILLION TRILLION DOLLARS!

I was excited for the appointment I set on Monday night to see this big old house. My mom and I arrived, met the owner, and wandered around the house taking pictures. Upon leaving the house and driving away, we talked about the house, listing the things we liked and didn’t like; however, both my mom and I felt like the house was a little eerie inside.

Maybe it was because of this stairway to the basement.

[Insert blood-curdling scream here.]

Maybe it was because the basement smelled like sulphur and my camera battery died when I entered the house, which, according to Jason and Grant on “Ghost Hunters,” are clear signs that a spirit is present.

Or maybe it’s because, as I was looking through the pictures of the house on my mom’s camera as we drove away, I noticed this in the master bedroom window:

Do you see what I see? A potential GHOST FACE?! in the bottom, left corner of the window?!

[Repeat blood-curdling scream.]

Ok, so I think it could just be a weird reflection of a tree; however, there are definitely a good number of others who think it could be something more, something paranormal.

Either way, I took it as a sign that the house wasn’t for me.


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