Batman’s 1st Birthday!

Not that we celebrated. But if we did, it would have gone something like this:

I would have made a three-tiered cake of cat food, decorated with cat treats.

Coleman and I would have sung “Happy Birthday” as we dramatically carried his cake to him. And he would have loved it.

One of us would have spent half of her lunch break creating a birthday sign with computer paper and markers.

He would have opened his gifts, two from us and two from my parents.

He would have been apprehensive about opening his gifts at first, almost appearing bored at times.

But eventually, he would have gotten the hang of it.

And I would have taken about 10 photos of us together to commemorate his big day. All while Coleman would have been in the other room, of course, so he wouldn’t have made fun of me.

Happy Birthday, Batman!

Maybe we can celebrate next year.

3 thoughts on “Batman’s 1st Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, Batman! I love that cake, I feel inspired to make one for our hound dog’s big 0-2 tomorrow. Aren’t pets the best? They bring so much joy.
    How are his wittle paws doing, by the way??

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