By day, he’s “Bruce Wayne.” By night, he’s “Batman!”

Coleman and I are not “cat people.” We just have one.

That’s right! We are officially first-time pet owners!

What’s this, you say? A cat? I thought you were allergic to cats!

You’re right. I am. But I LOVVVVVVE him! So it’s not that bad.

Plus, we were encouraged by our friends and acquaintances who, when told we were thinking about getting a cat, said wonderful things like:

“Eww. Why?”

“Can’t you just get a dog?”

“Oh gross. I hate cats.”


Meet Batman!

We adopted Batman, (whose name was “Boris” prior to us renaming him), from a local animal shelter. He is 9 months old and has half a white mustache.

Coleman and I went to the shelter looking, in particular, for an orange cat. (Coleman’s always wanted an orange cat.) The cats at this shelter live about 5-6 to a room, which is decorated, full of pillows and toys, and has a glass wall so you can see the cats inside.

We were walking through the hall, looking at all of the orange kittens in their little rooms, when we saw Boris. He ran right up to the window, jumped on a bench, and meowed at us. Then, he proceeded to jump onto a building, (his room had an ancient Chinese theme), and onto a windowsill, then turned back to look at us. When he saw we were still there, he jumped onto another ledge and snuggled up next to an older gray cat.

We were instantly intrigued. We wanted a cat that was playful, but also liked to cuddle, and Boris seemed to fit that profile. So, we asked an animal counselor if we could play with Boris for a little while. She let us in the room, and right away, Boris ran up to us and jumped into my arms. Needless to say, we fell in love!

So here we are, with Boris–er, Batman. And again, I am NOT a crazy cat person. I don’t really even like animals that much. But Batman is different. I love him!

And not that I’ve turned into a crazy cat lady since we brought him home yesterday, but check out this cutest picture EVER of little Batman:

That’s what he’s doing as we speak! He’s sleeping! In his lil bed! With a stuffed monster thing and a stuffed fox!

And, not that you care, but look at him sleeping on my lap last night:

Could he be any cuter?!

And, not that I’ve been following him around with a camera all day, but look at his reaction to a vacuum:

Scared! A scaredy cat!


Oh man.

I’m in trouble :)

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