I guess wings just don’t cut it.

Audrey: Did you watch the show last night?

Jillian: What show?

Audrey: You know. That show that’s once a year, with the girls?

Jillian: Umm… I’m not sure which one…

Audrey: That fashion show. Where the girls wear the brassieres.

Jillian: The Victoria’s Secret fashion show?

Audrey: Yes, Victoria’s. That’s it.

Jillian: You watched the Victoria’s Secret fashion show?!

Audrey: Well, I couldn’t fall asleep.

Jillian: I see.

Audrey: But, why don’t those girls wear clothes? It’s only brassieres and lacy coverage on their front parts. Their butts out for all to see.

Jillian: Umm…

Audrey: Something’s wrong with those girls. What’s a fashion show without clothes? They have very pretty faces, but you can’t look at those when the lingerie is out.

Jillian: At least they wear wings.

Audrey: No. Wings don’t help. There is something wrong with those girls. Someone should examine them.

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