For those occasions when you are compelled to call your yard “The Shire” and let your inner Hobbit run free.

Let me just tell you. Craigslist is wonderful.

Here are some free things I found around Denver today, via Craigslist:

big piece if tin roofing
Date: 2009-11-21, 12:27PM

The wind brought this big piece of roofing into my yard and I want it gone. 53 fox st Denver, its in the side yard you can’t miss it. you will need a truck or trailer and some help.

breast pump
Date: 2009-11-21, 10:57PM

I have a fairly old but still serviceable Medela Breast pump. You can buy new parts to go with it (the tubes and such) or boil the ones I have to make it sanitary.

UGLY Loveseat- ATTN re-upholterers!
Date: 2009-11-27, 4:54PM

This got torn up by my dog when he was a puppy. I was going to re-upholster it because it is a very sturdy, high quality piece of furniture, but I just haven’t had the time. Its yours if you want to take on the project. I would love to see this re-upholstered.

Free large Christmas tree
Date: 2009-11-28, 11:12AM

12′-15′ Christmas tree in front yard ready to be cut and displayed. Bring a chain saw and truck or trailor. Call Jeff or Dawn.

Random Free stuff
Date: 2009-11-27, 5:58PM

Huggies Gentle Care size 2 diapers- 2 packs, both open, some used, not sure how many is in there but there are at least 40 diapers. Would like to go to someone who really has a need for free diapers.
Brother’s All Natural Freeze Dried Fruit crisps- Bought these from Cost Co and the family didn’t really take to them. The flavors are fuji apple, strawberry-banana, and Asian pear. Nice little snacks if you like freeze dried fruit. Has been opened and some of the single serve bags have been taken but there are still plenty left.
Small rice steamer- has been used dozens of times but I don’t like the way the rice browns on the bottom layer. I just scrape the good rice off the top. Maybe you know how to keep it from doing that? I don’t have the instructions but it comes with measuring cup and I can show you the gist of it. Just set it and let it do it’s thing. Can make about 3 cups of rice.

Wheat flakes – bought by accident
Date: 2009-11-28, 9:44AM

I thought I was buying something that would work as oatmeal but then I found the actual oatmeal. Purchased 11/15 at Whole Food in Cherry Creek; 1.51 lb. I still have the receipt and it’s in the original bulk foods plastic bag. If you can use these, they’re yours!

Piece of sh*t camper or kid’s playhouse
Date: 2009-11-28, 12:41PM

I bought this 8 ft camper for my compact truck, I tried to modify it to make it fit, but I’ve realized that it isn’t going to work out. The floor has been removed to reduce weight.
My thought was that it could be used for a variety of other purposes such as a kid’s playhouse or storage space…
Let me know if you’re interested.

Radar Detector
Date: 2009-11-28, 11:03AM

No power cord, not sure if it works anymore.
Come and get it!

Date: 2009-11-10, 2:30PM

Huge tree stump – I thought I might turn it into a big-ass garden chair, but lost all motivation. Could be used as: A paperweight, lawn ornament, planter (after boring out places to insert dirt), aforementioned big-ass garden chair, Tolkien-esque prop for those occasions when you are compelled to call your yard “The Shire” and let your inner Hobbit run free, or simply fuel for a gigantic bonfire… I don’t own a chainsaw. It’s yours if you own something larger than a Prius – the thing weighs around 6-800 lbs.

2 thoughts on “For those occasions when you are compelled to call your yard “The Shire” and let your inner Hobbit run free.

  1. oh my word. That last guy is funny. How much do you think it would cost to ship a big ass garden chair to grand rapids?

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