Yes, I officially started listening to Christmas music yesterday, and I won’t listen to anything else until Dec. 26.

Audrey: “My daughter bought a 20 lb. turkey for Thanksgiving. What on earth is she going to do with that?”

Jillian: “That’s pretty big! I did all of my Thanksgiving shopping yesterday. I’m glad to have that done.”

Audrey: “It’s just crazy this time of year. Here’s my advice: avoid the shopping centers.”

Jillian: “Actually, I was at the mall yesterday and got a lot of Christmas shopping done. I went early, so there weren’t as many people.”

Audrey: “Well, yes, if you’re gonna go, you must go early. I might go today.”

Jillian: “Really? For what?”

Audrey: “I want to pick up some of those expensive cashmere sweaters from Neiman Marcus. It gets so cold around here.”

Jillian: “That’s a nice treat for yourself! I love cashmere.”

Audrey: “Well, I think you and I are the only ones who appreciate nice things around here. Denver is a hick town, you know.”

Jillian: “Oh, I know.”

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