This post must be read while listening to “In This Club” by Usher.

I don’t care what anyone says. Georgia humidity does wonders for my hair!

Well, after five superfun days in Atlanta, we’re back in Denver. We had such a good time with our friends. Ian and Jenni had a party for us, Dustin treated me to champagne at the top of the W, and I ate at all my favorite places, (including Chick-fil-A).

Kyle picked us up from the airport. (This is us waiting.)

We played Spoons. (Two photos borrowed from this post on Chris and Caitlin’s blog. Thanks Chris!)

I think I walked more in those five days than I did the entire time I lived in Atlanta.

I spent time with lil Hannah and baby Bella.

Most importantly, we saw our friends!

Oh. And, b*tch, we rode the Marta Bus.

(Ok, the Marta train thingy.)

I had SO. MUCH. FUN! I can’t wait to go back!

In conclusion, please enjoy the following video.

Warning: This song may or may not be stuck in your head allllll day long.

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