Ok, did you write this?

Yesterday, I happened upon something really strange. I mean, I’m sure it shouldn’t be strange, but it is. Or maybe I’ve just got a big head. Who knows?

So, I had been staring at the computer screen at work for a good hour, not feeling motivated to do anything, and searching for random things in Google.

That’s when I found a link to a blog. I don’t know the author of the blog, at least by the name they use, but one of their blog posts had my name in it. (Don’t act like you’ve never Googled your own name.)

I’m sure it’s not really about me, just a weird coincidence, but here’s an excerpt from a short story posted on the blog:

(I swear, I copied and pasted this directly from the blog. No alterations.)

A figure stood in the doorway but it was the shoes he noticed first, black high heels, Then that stunning bright red dress draped over a perfectly formed body. A bright blonde shock of hair framed her piercing blue eyes, the kind that make you reevaluate your decision to open the door in the first place.

Jillian McIntyre, the most stunningly beautiful girl you’ll ever lay your eyes on, and yet so far out of anyone’s league that you’d swear she was a goddess herself, placed to dwell among the mortals.


Like I said, probably a coincidence. Unless someone’s been writing short stories about me.

(And if they are, then let me just say that their description of me is spot-on!)

And not like I’m getting paranoid, because I’m sure it’s not about me, but…

Who wrote it? You?

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