“Way back up in the country, back in the hills | Down in the hollows where the folks are real…”

After weeks of debating, I finally decided I wanted the flu shot; however, by the time I decided, the flu shot was nowhere to be found in Denver. Fortunately, I made some calls and found one grocery store that had the vaccine left.

So, on Monday, my day off, I headed 45 minutes South to Elizabeth, CO.

About 10 miles from home, the three lane road I had been on shrunk down to one lane. Buildings started to get farther and farther apart. The speed limit changed to 55.

The further I drove, the more it reminded me of home. To set the mood, I scanned for a country radio station and sped along down the road.


Ranches with names carved in wooden signs!

Christmas tree farms!

Crumbling historical buildings!

Cowboy hats!

Pickup trucks!

Signs with those letters that slide in!

Stuck behind a combine on the road!

Something called the “Douglas County Open Space”!

And when I walked into the grocery store, people actually smiled back at me and said hello!

Though I love love love the hustle and bustle of a big city, being out in the country was a nice change of pace. Isn’t it the best when something so routine turns out to be the highlight of your day?

Best. Flu shot. Ever.

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