Now it’s time we say goodbye…

… to Dermy Cyst! Today’s the day!

My surgery is at 2:00 this afternoon. Please pray for me and for my doctors, that everything goes smoothly, without complication, and that I am able to come home tonight.

Use this prayer, which Coleman prayed for me last night when we were going to bed, as a guideline:

“God, I pray that Jillian would feel better and not be scared. I pray that the surgery would go well and she would heal quickly. Thank  you for her friends, family and shampoo, (long pause), umm, that’s all.”

“Ok? Um, Amen.”

“Wait. What? Did I say shampoo? Sorry, I fell asleep.”

Talk to you soon :)

4 thoughts on “Now it’s time we say goodbye…

  1. That is too sweet. I’d thank God for my shampoo too if it made me have cute hair like yours.
    You’ll do great today!! I will pray for you right now! :)

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