My date with Audrey :)

We’ve all been waiting for it. And today was the day.

My date with Audrey!

On Friday, she called to tell me that she had spent the afternoon at the restaurant she had chosen for us to go to, just to make sure that it was a nice atmosphere. She told me that she had gotten a copy of the menu for me so I could look it over and decide what I wanted ahead of time, and not to worry because she asked and they can make substitutions.

On Monday, she came into work to tell me that on Wednesday I would get off of work at 6:00, go home and change into “something nice” and then pick her up at her apartment at 6:30. I said ok.

So, today I got off work at 6:00. I went home and changed into a cute shirt and my “nice” jeans, freshened my makeup, brushed my hair, and headed to her apartment at about 6:25.

Seeing as she lives like two buildings away, I arrived at her apartment at 6:26 to find her sitting in her garage when I pulled up in the driveway. She stood to greet me as I got out of my car. She was wearing an orange and white shirt with an orange cardigan over it and white silk pants. She had her hair freshly colored and curled under and was wearing bright lipstick.

“Come into my apartment. Shall we have a drink before we go?” she asked me.

“That sounds nice!” I said.

I walked into her kitchen and saw possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. On her counter, she had arranged two champagne glasses on a serving tray with a bottle of pina colada flavored Sobe juice. She poured the Sobe into the glasses and toasted “to us”. The juice was gross and warm, but all I could think was that she had probably set the tray out hours before in preparation for the evening. My heart melted. She’s just so cute!

We drank our juice, looked all around for where she lost her keys (on the ottoman), and I helped her into my car. She instructed me on every turn and speed limit the entire 0.7 miles to the restaurant, then we parked, entered the restaurant and took our seat in a booth.

She ordered chips and salsa and a rootbeer for each of us as we browsed the menus. (She already knew what she wanted, of course.) I ordered fish tacos. She ordered “a single chicken breast, grilled, with nothing–I mean nothing–on it but salt and pepper, and a little honey if you have it, with some diced lettuce and tomatoes on the side–no, not a salad, just the diced vegetables–and some ketchup.”

I asked her questions about her life, where she went to college (Columbia), where she worked after college (a bank), how many children and grand children she has (3 and 10), what her hobbies are during the day (walking around the mall), etc. When dinner was done, we shared a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream with no–and I mean no–caramel sauce.

After dinner, she said she had been thinking that it would be nice if we took a walk over to the Eisenhower Chapel, (as seen in this previous post), and look around. She voted for Eisenhower, you know. So, we walked over, looked around, peeked in the windows, then headed back to my car and drove home.

Before I took her to her apartment, she asked me to drive her past my apartment so I could show her where I lived (in case she needed to borrow an egg sometime or something). Then, I pulled into her driveway and got out of the car to open the door and help her out. She asked me to come in again for another drink, but I told her that I had some grocery shopping and cleaning to do. She offered to go to the grocery store with me, but I told her she didn’t need to. We made plans to go to dinner again next time (she’s already working on picking the place, though we may have to drive a little further) and she hugged me goodbye.

Just like she asked, I sat in the driveway until she had walked around to her front door, gone inside, and then opened the garage door to show me that she had made it in ok. I waved and she said she would see me tomorrow.

Dinner with Audrey was hilarious and so much fun! It felt good to see that she had been so excited for our date, and honestly, I loved spending time with her! So precious.

Oh Audrey!

4 thoughts on “My date with Audrey :)

  1. yay! I HAVE been waiting for this post! Can you somehow sneak a picture (or just ask her for one) I’d love to see her. How does Coleman feel about you haning out with an old person? I like the idea of it, but I don’t do so well with old people, either.

  2. I thought about asking the waitress to take a picture of us last night, but I felt too akward. Maybe next time. And as for Coleman, he said today after I told him about my date with Audrey, “Well, I don’t like old people, but that Audrey seems like she might be nice.” So cute!

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