Two funny things and one sad thing

Funny Thing:

I am currently addictedto “Dog the Bounty Hunter”. I can’t stop watching it. I’m tivo-ing it, watching it On Demand, searching for it on the Comcast guide… Anyone else a Dog fan?

Another Funny Thing:

I got two emails from my sister, Larne, this morning. This is what they said:

Email 1: This is the most pointless video on the Internet:

Email 2:Aww, so cute!

I’d say she’s right about both.
Sad Thing:
A friend of ours in Denver has had a devastating week. First, she was told she was being laid off from a company for which she had been working for over 30 years. Then, she found out that she has a brain tumor–most likely Cancerous and most likely inoperable. She and her husband are understandably shocked and devastated.
Even if you don’t know them, please take a second now to pray for them. As of right now, that seems like all we can do. I have faith that God is good and is in control, even if it’s hard to understand right now.
Now, so we don’t end feeling depressed, go back and watch that pointless video again!

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