So let me tell you about the day I was attacked by a bug.

The other night, I was home alone, because Coleman was still traveling for work. As I was getting ready for bed, I walked around the apartment, turning off lights, programming the coffee machine for the next morning, and setting the intrusion alarm.

When I went into the living room to lock the patio, I remembered that, earlier that day, I had noticed a gap in the weather stripping at the bottom of the door. Fearing that bugs could get in through that little hole, I went to the cabinet and grabbed some bug spray.

So, having found the spray bottle, I crouched down in front of the door and aimed the nozzle. The spray streamed from the bottle and laughed maniacally…

…until a moth flew faster than lightning from the hole into my face.

I screamed and ran into the bathroom.

Bugs: 1. Jillian: 0.

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