Death what? For who?

So, I went to the Death Cab for Cutie concert last night and it was amazing!

I got off of work early, changed into a cute racerback tanktop that shows justthetop of my umbrella tattoo (to look very punk), and drove to Lakewood to meet Marlin. From her house, we drove to Whole Foods, loaded up on sandwiches and baggies of dark chocolate-covered almonds (for me) and peanut butter-coated pretzels (for her), and headed to Red Rocks.

It was a beautiful, warm summer night, and we could see all the way to downtown.



There was a storm in the distance, which created an amazing double rainbow.

Double rainbow

 Pot of Gold

The show opened with a band called Ra Ra Riot, followed by Andrew Bird. I was really excited to see Andrew Bird because #1. I love his album and #2. He whistles in his songs. Seeing as I am practically the world’s best whistler (besides Andrew Bird), I appreciate such a brilliant art form.

Andrew Bird

Finally, after 2 1/2 hours of waiting, our sandwiches consumed and me with candy belly from eating too many chocolate almonds, Death Cab took the stage. We bounced in our seats and sang along during “Little Bribes” and swayed lighters in the air during “I Will Follow You Into The Dark.”

We watched the other concert-goers around us. The dreadlocked couple two rows in front of us with matching tattoos behind their right ears held each other and swayed to the music. The couple directly in front of us seemed more interested in the airplanes flying overhead than the music being played. The old man next to me, who must have been dragged along by his son, wore his coat as a cape, spoke no English, and clapped his hands double-time to every song while bouncing off rhythm. And the loud loud singer in the row behind us was smoking a funny-looking cigarette.

Loudest Singer

All in all, it was a great night filled with great music, the only unfortunate thing being that, as the sun set, my camera had more difficulty taking clear photos. This is the best one I got of Death Cab.

Blurry DCFC

Can’t wait til they come around again!

Jillian and Marlin!

One thought on “Death what? For who?

  1. looks like so much fun! cute top too :)

    p.s. imagine if you had married a whistler! that would be crazies…

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