Nothing can steal my thunder! NOTHINGGGGGG!!! …Except maybe Michael Jackson.

So, did you hear that yesterday was my birthday? I am officially 25 years old!

Do I look older?

Here’s what I did yesterday:

7:30 am: Woke up to Coleman bringing me coffee in bed. Proceeded to jump up and karate kick from sheer joy at the realization that my birthday had finally arrived. Almost kicked the cup out of Coleman’s hand.

7:40 am: Opened my first gift–a beautiful gray dress from Coleman. Tried it on and pranced around the house singing an impromptu song about wearing a birthday dress.

8:30 am: Finally took off my new dress and changed into a t-shirt and jeans. Went to breakfast with Coleman at our favorite diner. Ordered a veggie omelet and coffee. Ate some of Coleman’s breakfast, too, when he went to the bathroom with the mentality that it was my birthday, and I could do whatever I wanted.

9:30 am: Went back home. Changed into a bikini and packed a beach bag.

10:00 am: Headed down to the pool with Coleman. Laid out and played in the pool for two hours. Coleman showed me how to run the length of the pool in the water for a good workout. I ran alongside him a few times and then quit.

11:07 am: As Dwight from The Office would say: “My birth moment.” I officially turned 25!

12:00 pm: Went back home. Took a quick shower, changed and scarfed down some lunch.

12:30 pm: Drove to Cherry Creek to get my hair done.

3:30 pm: Drove back home from getting my hair done. Started to get grumpy that my birthday was half over.

3:45 pm: Opened another present from Coleman–a birthday necklace to wear with my new birthday dress! Changed into my new birthday dress, put on my new birthday necklace and did my makeup.

4:30 pm: Hopped in the car with Coleman to drive up to Boulder for dinner. Learned from the radio dj that Michael Jackson had died. Received a text from my bff Jenny saying, “OMG I can’t believe Michael Jackson died on your birthday.” Called my mom to talk about the irony. Started to get grumpy that he was getting more press time than me. (May he rest in peace.)

5:30 pm: Arrived in Boulder. Parked and walked around the Pearl Street Mall.

6:00 pm: Got a table at Jax Fish House. The executive chef at Jax is Hosea Rosenberg, the most recent winner of Top Chef. Coleman’s a big fan of him and of the show. (Coincidence that we ended up at his restaurant?? Hmm…) We were directed to a table and ordered drinks, a glass of champagne for me and a gin and tonic for Coleman, right as Hosea walked by our table! One of uswas super excited! Proceeded to order appetizers (crab cakes), dinner (bacon wrapped scallops with edamame puree), and dessert (chocolate malt gelato, complete with a birthday candle!), while we colored on the tablecloth with crayons (Coleman was apparently inspired by seafood).

birthday! 003

birthday! 002

birthday! 006  birthday! 007

7:30 pm: Walked around Pearl Street some more and stopped at Walnut Brewery where Coleman and I enjoyed a beer and a rootbeer, respectively.

8:30 pm: Headed back down to Denver. Relived highlights of my birthday the entire way.

9:30 pm: Arrived home, received a flower delivery from my mom, and opened the rest of my birthday gifts. (Thank you, everyone!) Hung around and watched tv and stared at my new gifts.

birthday! 011

11:30 pm: Finally went to bed, reflecting on the wonderful day I had. I love my birthday!

birthday! 009

birthday! 008

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