Obviously, you felt peer pressured into saying these nice things about me, but I love you anyway.

So last night, I was feeling particularly lovey-dovey-fuzzy while Coleman and I were watching tv, so I took it upon myself to tell him a few things that I liked about him. Things like, “You’re funny”, “Thanks for doing the laundry today”, “I’m thankful that you work so hard to provide for us”, etc.

When I was done listing a few gushy things like that, I smiled and cuddled up against Coleman’s shoulder. I guess he felt obligated to say a few nice things about me, too, as evidenced by the fact that he started his sentence with a very long “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” as he tried to think of something to say in return.

“Oh boy!” I thought to myself. “I wonder what nice things he’ll say about me? We are so in love. What a perfect couple! Look at us, snuggling here, watching tv, saying nice things about each other. Could my marriage be any more perfect?!”

Uh huh.

“Uhhhhhhhhh… I don’t like the bird houses that you put in the living room as a decoration, but I do like the plants you bought for that table,” Coleman started, pointing at the plants I bought two years ago.


“I liked that one time when you dressed like a homeless woman, but you didn’t realize it,” he continued.

“What?!” I asked, surprised. I don’t remember that time.

“And that one time in college when you tried wearing your hair that new way, and I asked you if a special ed kid styled it. That was funny! And the time–”

“Ok,” I interrupted. “That’s enough. Thanks, though.”

Yes. The perfect marriage, indeed.

At least we can laugh at each other, right?

2 thoughts on “Obviously, you felt peer pressured into saying these nice things about me, but I love you anyway.

  1. omg. That is way too familiar. how about, “I think it’s funny when you go to bed with wet hair and you look like a little kid when you wake up”

    that’s after I thank him for being such a great husband and provider. haha, oh well.

  2. ha! i was looking for one of your older posts and found this one. made me cry laugh. sigh. funny funny. :)

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