One man’s trash…

In the last few weeks, I have scored some amazing FREE goodies from neighbors who are moving out. Coleman hates that I am always adopting people’s random furniture, because we “don’t need any more stuff.”

Luckily, he travels a lot. So by the time he gets back home, he is able to see how beautifully these “found” items compliment our apartment! Plus, he wouldn’t make me disassemble everything I put together and carry it alllll the way back downstairs, would he?

I got this awesome olllllld architecture desk from these people who are moving to Australia, which has now become Coleman’s new desk. It even came with a chair!

I got a set of almost-new champagne glasses and wine glasses from my neighbor across the hall who is moving to Atlanta and was afraid they wouldn’t survive the trip.

And, I got a 3-month-old gas grill from a neighbor who couldn’t fit it in her car during her move! (Coleman hasn’t seen this one yet…)


On an unrelated note, Jenea is getting married in THREE days, and I could not be more excited! Ohio, here I come–poofy bridesmaids dress and all!

Jenea and Derek
Jenea and Derek

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