Baggy jeans, spiky hair and cheek bones equal…?

On Friday night, Coleman and I went to a movie. As usual, we arrived at the theater like 45 minutes early, because one of us thinks that you need to get to movies that early, while the other finds it pointless that she has to sit there in a dirty chair for more time than necessary.

Then again, one of us likes movies far more than the other.


So, we’re sitting in the theater, and there is a group of four friends sitting a few rows in front of us. The six of us were sitting in the theater watching the same three “interesting” trivia questions repeat themselves over and over and over before the movie, set to selections from today’s Top 40 hits.

While Coleman and I were answering trivia questions and trying to remember who it was that wanted to “phone home,” one of the people in the group in front of us got up to head to the concession stand.

The person was wearing an over-sized t-shirt and baggy jeans and had very product-y spiky hair. But, when they turned around, they also had lovely cheek bones and (man)boobs.

“Is that a boy or a girl?” Coleman turned and asked me loudly. 

Just as the trivia music stopped and the theater went silent.


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