Goodness, Gracious, Great balls of fire!

Sunday was a beautiful day, so Coleman and I decided to go for a walk. I stepped out onto the balcony of our apartment to see what the temperature was like and decide whether or not to bring a coat along. And when I walked outside, this is what I saw:


Ummmm… That’s not normal.

Naturally, Coleman and I did what anyone with common sense would do. We grabbed our camera and ran towards the smoke.




Turns out there was a brush fire in the park next to our apartment community! Seeing as the entire state of Colorado is dry as a bone, one little spark quickly turned into giant flames that spread across the park and toward the apartments faster than the fire department could get there. We saw flames literally feet away from buildings.

At one point, Coleman and I ran back to our apartment to grab our valuables, just in case our apartment happened to catch fire, too. This turned out to be completely unnecessary, as the fire department arrived in the nick of time and was able to push the flames a safe distance from the apartment community. Still, it was a strange experience, nonetheless. Standing in an apartment judging what should stay and what should go, with flames outside your window? Certainly nothing I’ve ever done before.




Thankfully, in the end, no one was hurt, and no buildings were damaged. And we learned that, next time there’s a threat of our home burning to the ground, we should remember to grab not only our jewelry and inhalers, but our birth certificates and Social Security cards, as well. (Whoops!)

Still, a weird day.

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