She moves in her own way

So, on my day off this week, I went to the mall to spend some time poking around MAC. I picked out some pretty new eyeshadow (Mythology), made friends with Marissa (the makeup artist) and was getting ready to check out when Marissa offered to give me a little makeover with the new “Hello Kitty” line they had just gotten in.

After my trip to the mall, I was headed to the lady doctor to have another look-see at my cyst, and I was feeling pretty nervous. So, I thought to myself, a makeover would put me in a better mood.

I sat in the chair while Marissa put a pile of shiny, sparkly, Hello Kitty-faced shadows, lipsticks and blushes in front of me. We chatted as she colored my face, comparing Denver to the cities we both moved from (she’s from Orlando). When she was done, I complimented her on the beautiful job she had done, although I commented that I usually wear more makeup than what she applied. She said that was ok, it’s fun to wear a lot of makeup, and left me for a second while she went to find the Hello Kitty Cute-Ster lipstick I wanted to add to my purchase.

While Marissa was looking in drawers, another customer came up to me.

Lady: Do you like this lip liner on me?

Me: Um, it might be a little purpley. Maybe try something with a browner tone.

Lady: Really? (Looking in mirror) Yeah, you’re right. Your makeup looks great! Who did it?

Me: Marissa. She did a good job!

Lady: Yeah, but you can’t go anywhere with all of that makeup on!

Me: (Thinking, Um, I usually wear more than this!) Why do you say that?

Lady: Well, it’s just too much! Unless you’re going to a rock concert. Are you going anywhere after this?

Me: Not to a concert. To the doctor, though!

Lady: Oh. Well let’s just pray it’s not the lady doctor. Who knows what people would think if they saw you walking in there with all of that makeup on going to the lady doctor! I’d think you were a hooker!

Me: (Feigning laughter)

Lady: So, where are you going?

Me: The lady doctor.

Lady: ……….. Well… Um, Marissa! Marissa! Can you help me find some brownish lip liner?

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